I use the camera as a portal to bring feelings, Ideas and visions into reality.

Shooting for Labels, Bands, Brands and Publications worldwide usually with as smaller crew as possible to maintain constant flowing energy and ensuring nothing is lost in translation.

Simplicity is always my mantra.

Drawn to the mysterious ways in which the outside world will always infiltrate and shape even the most ridged storyboard. This wonderfully unpredictable dark magic is something which allures me back time and time again, evolving with every project.

Clients Include : Albus & Flora, ATG Gloves, Blo, Brev, Carrs Silver, Colina Bikes, Cliple, Cycle Pro, Exped Equipment, Firepot, FLDesigns, Halo Living, Head, HairJackets, Heineken, Icon, If Collective, JCB Workwear, Jetboil, Johnson Controls, Julbo Eyewear, Knight Wheels, Katadyn Water Filters, Lyon Outdoor Equipment, Macpac, Magpie Accessories, Morvello Aparrel, Moto Direct, Microsoft, Nike, Nortec, O’Neill, Ortleib Waterproof, Petzl, Planet X Bikes, Privateer Magazine, Progressive saftey, Resound Media, Rouleur Magazine, RST Racing, Rusty, Schwalbe, Saveur-Biere, Secret Training, Singletrack Magazine, Silverbug, Skins, SYBS UK, Trek & Eat, Tubus Racks, The Workshop, Varta, Waterworks Newyork, Wake Smith, Wentworth Pewter, Zone3 Wetsuits.